Bourgoin, Plate 2, top figure

T00272 = data10/P002T
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Very common throughout Islam: Proportions are widely variable.



Publications referenced:
This pattern has variants as indicated below.
  1. Page 236, Fig. 99a (Great Mosque, Cordova, Spain) from [bonner] (987-99AD, 376-88AH)
  2. Page 236, Fig. 99a (Friday Mosque, Abyaneh, Iran. Top rail of minbar) from [bonner] (1073AD, 465AH)
  3. Page 233, Fig. 96d (Friday Mosque, Herat, Afghanistan, Central Asia) from [bonner] (1200AD, 596AH)
  4. Plate 80 (Mosul, Iraq. Koran, British Library Or 4945) from [wilson]   Variant A(1310AD, 709AH)
  5. Page 96, Fig 4.9 (Tomb of Bibi Jawindi, Uch, India) from [broug2] (1494AD, 899AH)
  6. Photo IND 01414 (Itimad-ud-Daula's Tomb, Agra, India) from [wadei] (1626AD, 1035AH)
  7. Figure 190 (Mosque of Bayazid Bastami, Bastam, Iran) from [hill]
  8. Page 20 (Colouring from here, but proportions different, 19th century) from [d-avennes]
  9. Page 29(d) from [wade]
  10. Photo from book (Friday mosque, Farumad, Iran. turquoise, cobalt insets and pottery fragments in strapwoork) from [pc]   Variant C
  11. Plate 2, top figure from [bourgoin]
  12. Plate 25 and Figure 48 (Mustansiriyyah Madrasah, Baghdad, Iraq) from [elsaid]
  13. Plate 53, Figure 102c (Quran, Mosul, Iraq) from [elsaid]   Variant A
  14. Vol 1, page 121 (Tata Shah Jehan mosque, Pakistan) from [iran]   Variant B
  15. Vol 1, page 123 (Malik mosque, Kerman, Iran) from [iran]   Variant X


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