Bourgoin, Plate 23

T00276 = data10/P023
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A common Middle East and Central Asian pattern, but with varying proportions



Publications referenced:
This pattern has variants as indicated below.
  1. Figure 30, page 68 (Sayyida Ruqayya, Cairo, Egypt. Wooden mihrab) from [grube] (1133AD, 527AH)
  2. Page 238, Fig. 101c (Great Mosque, Niksar, Turkey. Incised stone portal) from [bonner] (1145AD, 539AH)
  3. Figure 228 (Mausoleum of Tusf ibn Kathir, Nakhicheven, Azerbaijan, Central Asia. Tympanum above door and exterior panel) from [hill]   Variant B(1161-2AD, 555-6AH)
  4. Figure 351 (Hatun Han, Pozar, Turkey. Side of entrance) from [hill]   Variant A(1238-9AD, 635-6AH)
  5. Figure 508 (Sari Han, Akseray-Kayseri road, Turkey. Niche in main entrance portal) from [hill]   Variant D(1249AD, 646AH)
  6. Photo by David Wade: TUR 0622 (Sari Han, Akseray-Kayseri road, Turkey) from [wadei]   Variant D(1249AD, 646AH)
  7. Page 158 from [abas]
  8. Page 47 from [wade]
  9. Page 58, photo 36 (Arghun Bimaristan, Aleppo, Syria. Incised stone portal) from [bonner]
  10. Plate 23 from [bourgoin]
  11. Plate 6 (Mausoleum of Mumine Katun, Nakhicheven, Azerbaijan, Central Asia. Tympanum over entrance) from [useinov]   Variant C


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