Bourgoin, Plate 182

T00348 = data12/P182
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Publications referenced:
This pattern has variants as indicated below.
  1. Page 239 (Qanibay al-Sayfi, Cairo, Egypt. Panel of minbar) from [okane2]   Variant B(1503AD, 908AH)
  2. Photo by David Wade: EGY 1728 (al-Ghuri, Cairo, Egypt) from [wadei] (1503-5AD, 908-10AH)
  3. Flickr photo (Sultan Ahmed Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey) from [pc]   Variant B  Variant A  Variant C(1609-16AD, 1018-25AH)
  4. John Warburton-Lee Photography / Alamy (al-Rifa'i mosque, Cairo, Egypt. Detail of decoration on the minbar) from [pc]   Variant A(1869-1910AD, 1286-1328AH)
  5. Thesaurus Islamicus Foundation F6886 (Shaykh Abu Shibak, Cairo, Egypt. Detail of south door of Mausoleum) from [pc]   Variant A(1869-1910AD, 1286-1328AH)
  6. Thesaurus Islamicus Foundation (al-Rifa'i mosque, Cairo, Egypt. North wall of qibla riwaq, door leading to northeast mausoleum) from [pc] (1869-1910AD, 1286-1328AH)
  7. E.3840:28-1938 (Cairo, Egypt. Sketchbook by James Wild) from [vami]
  8. Page 42 (al-Azhar mosque, Cairo, Egypt. Mosaic wall decoration, 970-1753, ) from [hessemer]
  9. Pages 97-99, reportedly widely used from [critchlow]
  10. Plate 182 from [bourgoin]
  11. Sale item at Christies (No location, Mamluk or early Ottoman period, Cairo, Egypt. A geometric polychrome marble mosaic panel, 15th-17th century) from [pc]   Variant C
  12. Thesaurus Islamicus Foundation (al-Azhar mosque, Cairo, Egypt. Ottoman riwaqs, body of mihrab) from [pc]   Variant B


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