Alhambra, Sala de la Barca

T01019 = data150/F161
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Apparently the only instance of this pattern in the Alhambra is a tiny fragment of mosaic tiling in the Sala de la Barca, at the top of the ceramic dado on the north arch jamb at the end of the west wing. Colours in original.



Publications referenced:
  1. Page 329, Figure 161 (Alhambra, Sala de la Barca, Spain. Variant 6a in considered here, which is said to be Nasrid, but the exact source is not given) of Antonio Fernández-Puertas. The Alhambra: Volume I - from the ninth century to Yusuf I (1354), SAQI Books, 1999. ISBN 086356466. [fernandez] {Beautiful book.}(1354-9AD, 755-60AH)

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