Alhambra, Mirador de Lindaraja

T01170 = data160/J43C
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Two adjacent mosaic panels in each of the four corners of the Mirador de Lindaraja. Colours are: honey-brown for the central stars of the 9- and 12-rosettes, black for the petals of the 12-rosettes, blue or green for the petals of the 9-rosettes, purple for the interstitial petals, and white for the remaining tiles. Because the smaller petals are all exactly the same size and shape, this has led to errors in some places, where the wrong colours have been used. Since these mosaic panels were put together face down, such errors could only be seen once they were ready to be lifted into place. Elsewhere in the Alhambra this pattern occurs as window grilles round the lantern of the Sala de los Abencerrajes; as a wooden ceiling over the north part of the Sala del Mexuar; and as the middle of three window grilles over the arch linking the Patio de los Arrayanes and the Sala de la Barca. It is also fairly common in other buildings surviving from Moorish Spain.



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