Shiraz - Qavam Hosseiniyeh

T00442 = data17/P47
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Publications referenced:
  1. Photo by David Wade: TRA 0308 (Bibi-Khanym, Samarkand, Central Asia) of David Wade. Website:, UK, 2015. [wadei] {Website}(1404AD, 806AH)
  2. Part 3, Plate LXXIX (Fatehpur Sikri, The Large Baths, India) of E W Smith,. The Moghul Architecture of Fathpur-Sikri, Archaeological Survey of India, 1896. [smith2] (1581AD, 989AH)
  3. Volume 4, page 47 (Qavam Hosseiniyeh, Shiraz, Iran. No colouring in the original photograph) of Mahmood Maher al-Naqsh. Design and execution of drawing in Iranian tilework, Islamic period, Reza Abbasi Museum, 1983. [iran] {Good collection of Iranian patterns, text in Persian} Available on Internet.


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