Friday Mosque, Fatehpur Sikri

T01652 = data182/IND0724
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Revised: Graphic

For an improved version of this pattern, see Masjid Jami, Fatepur Sikri.



Publications referenced:
  1. Part 4 (Fatehpur Sikri, Friday Mosque, India. With ornament inside the stars) of E W Smith,. The Moghul Architecture of Fathpur-Sikri, Archaeological Survey of India, 1896. [smith2] (1571AD, 978AH)
  2. Photo by David Wade: IND 0720/4 (Fatehpur Sikri, Friday Mosque, India) of David Wade. Website:, UK, 2015. [wadei] {Website}(1571AD, 978AH)
  3. Figure 34 of E Hanbury Hankin. The drawing of geometric patterns in Saracenic art, Calcutta : Govt. of India, Central Publication Branch, 1925. [hankin1] {Considers more tricky patterns in detail.} Available on Internet.


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