Dye, Figure B 20

T00546 = data22/B20
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Publications referenced:
This pattern has variants as indicated below.
  1. Figure 32.6a, page 285 (Interlacing shown here) of Peter S Stevens. Handbook of regular patterns: an introduction to symmetry in two..., MIT Press, 1984. ISBN 026269088. [stevens] {Illustrations in black and white}  Variant A
  2. Figure B 20 (Chair bottom-weave, Chengtu, Szechwan, 1917 AD) of Daniel Sheets Dye. Chinese Lattice Designs, Dover, 1937. ISBN 048623096. [dye] {Important book topic.}  Variant A
  3. Plate 83D (middle right) of Carol Belanger Grafton. Decorative Tile Designs in full Color, Dover, 1992. [grafton] {92 High quality colour plates; dated 1870-1930.}  Variant A

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