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Does the pattern contain a regular polygon?

Number of sides of regular polygons - select all that apply: 3 : 4 : 5 : 6 : 8 : 12: other:

Does the pattern contain a regular star-shaped polygon?

Number of points to stars: select all that apply: 3:   4:   5:   6:   7:   8:   9:   10:   12:   16:   18:   20:   24:
You can specify the vertex angle for common cases:

8-pts and 90 degrees:   6-pts and 60 degrees:   8-pts and 45 degrees:   10-pts and 72 degrees:   12-pts and 60 degrees:

Other properties

All angles of the pattern a multiple of:

45 degrees:   30 degrees:   90 degrees:   22.5 degrees:   36 degrees:   15 degrees:   60 degrees:

None of the above:

Contains diamonds:   Edge-to-edge:
Symmetry Group, the common cases:

p4m:   p6m:   cmmm:   pmm:   p4g:   p4:


Can be coloured with two colours (repeat pattern):

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Author (most used):

bourgoin:   wichmann/wade:   paccard:   castera:   shafai:


Central Asia:   Egypt:   India:   Iran:   Morocco: Spain:   Syria:   Turkey:


Cairo:   Damascus:   Marrakesh:   Fez:   Samarkand: Meknes:   Isfahan:   Alhambra:

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If you cannot find a pattern you can email me (Brian Wichmann) with the details.