Changes in Version 44

Recently, I have been working on a book about this web site. The book is by David Wade and myself, see link. (From Springer.)

The book provides a detailed decription of the mathematical methods used to construct the Islamic patterns found on this site. David Wade has provided material about the background to the Islamic world. A list is available of all the 177 tiling patterns from this site in the book.

Another book was published slightly earlier, but unfortunately not early enough to influence our book. This book is by Jay Bonner which has been 18 years in the writing, see link. (From Springer.)

The two books are written from a quite different perspective: ours is mathematical, while Bonner's is traditional. Hence readers are encouraged to buy both!

Pattern additions

A total of 18 new patterns have been added. These are mainly from Jay Bonner's book. A selection of some of them are:

Future plans

Much data provided in Bonner's book will be added to the web site. Some other books are still to be analysed, but in about 2 years, the plan is to 'finish' the web site. Some errors need to be corrected and the searching will be changed to only include the selection of options.