Changes in Version 47

The book by David Wade and myself, see link from Springer, has now been published. This provides additional information and explanation about this web site. A list is available of all the 177 tiling patterns from this site in the book. Please note that the end of the above link provides a list of the know errors/corrections.

Pattern additions

The main purpose of this release is to include the many patterns in Jay Bonner's book not already on the web site.

Previously, it was possible to locate all the additions patterns. This is not longer directly provided by the search options. Hence these patterns are listed in the file.

Future plans

It seems there are about 50 extra patterns in Jay Bonner's book which should be added to the web site. These should be added in the next release.

Work is being undertaken to easy the maintenance of the site since I cannot expect to continue much longer. I will also investigate the possibility of an institution taking over the site. Note that is archived via the British Library facility, see here.