The Special Collections

There are six special collections at the moment. The purpose of the special collections is to enable highly specialised patterns to be added in a manner that can be tailored to their specific properties.
  1. Tiling rectangles with polyominoes. This is well-known combinatorial problem. The rectangles are presented in isolation rather than being repeated. For the details, see..
  2. Perfect colouring. This applies to the regular tilings 44, 36 and 63 which are coloured in a specific manner, see..
  3. Tiling of Unique Factorization Domains. These patterns have been produced from the analysis of a mathematical problem. They are non-regular colouring of 44, and 63, see.. (A 1Mb PDF document.)
  4. Tiling of squares by similar triangles. For the details, see..
  5. Tiling with approximate geometry. For the details, see..
  6. Spiral tilings. For the details, see..

There is another special set: Lattice patterns. For the details, see..