Attarine Madrasah, Fez, Morocco

T01511 = data177/C0
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The pattern in Burckhardt, but yet to be shown if this occurs in the Alhambra, resembles the construction of the Fez pattern. Similar patterns occur in the Alhambra, but the construction is subtly different. As such, the latter variety occurs as window grilles round the lantern of the Sala de las Dos Hermanas, and window grilles over the main arch into the Cuarto Dorado, at the north end of the Mexuar Patio. It is to be observed that In Islamic style is the p4m equivalent of this pattern from the Attarine Medersa, and Alhambra, Sala de los Ajimeces is the {\pfourm equivalent of the Alhambra versions of the {\psixm pattern.



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