Wooden panel

T02314 = data196/LN1
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This piece is decorated in the khatam-kari (mosaic) technique, whereby rods of different coloured materials are glued together and then sliced thinly, with these slices then being inlaid on a wooden background. The central panels are heavily carved with Shi'ite inscriptions naming the Prophet Muhammad and the Imams. Although such pieces have often been associated with religious foundations others have survived in secular settings. In terms of date, the earliest dated pieces of this type are marked 1500-1 AD, and the latest 1591 AD, giving the MIA panel a likely 16th century dating.



Publications referenced:
  1. Photo from Alberto Leon (No location, Iran. Museum of Islamic Art, WW.58.2003, Door Panel, Safavid, Wood, ivory, stained ivory, ebony, brass, 150 by 48.5cm) of Not specific. Personal Communication, Information sent to the author, 21c. [pc] (16th century AD)

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