Tiling with three or more proper stars

data0/TUR9 data0/DOOR1 data0/AJL1 data0/B134 data0/RD1 data0/S48P3 data0/DOOR2 data0/S48P4 data0/BOK1 data0/S48P2 data0/AJL2 data0/S48P1 data0/REG1 data0/FEZ1 data8/PG140 data11/P092 data12/P141 data12/P142 data15/A285 data15/A192 data15/CM022 data18/SEV2 data145/D4612F data145/D346C data145/D4612A data145/D4612E data146/F424D data153/F38 data164/C1 data164/F294 data168/P106 data169/FIG8 data172/B107 data174/IND0403 data175/CAIRO1 data175/EGY1404L data180/EGY1030 data184/SAM1 data184/DS1 data186/P41 data187/DA1 data188/CB092 data189/AJL1 data190/MOR0815 data190/MOR1237 data190/MOR1118 data191/B158 data193/TAI1 data195/N13 data195/N1 data195/N16 data195/N3 data195/FEZ1 data196/ZEL1 data196/EGY1 data196/LN1 data196/N3 data200/SHAF18 data200/SHAF17 data201/BAGH2 data207/W1 data208/QIJ data211/TUR2 data212/BON22 data212/BON51 data212/BON121 data212/BON23 data213/OR1 data214/IND0405 data216/MIR24
By proper stars, we mean excluding diamonds in the count of the number of stars. There are four mathematical ones, and the rest are Islamic.

The last two patterns are alternative representation of the same artifact for which a photograph is available. One has straight interlacing, but the original has kinks in two places which is faithfully copied in the other alternative.