Two-uniform tilings with regular polygons and star polygons

data146/E253 data146/F256A data146/F256B data146/F256C data146/F415D data146/F416D data146/F420D data146/F421D data146/KX data178/T1 data178/T11 data178/T13 data178/T14 data178/T16 data178/T19 data178/T2 data178/T21 data178/T22 data178/T23 data178/T24 data178/T25 data178/T26 data178/T27 data178/T28 data178/T29 data178/T3 data178/T30 data178/T31 data178/T32 data178/T33 data178/T34 data178/T35 data178/T36 data178/T37 data178/T38 data178/T39 data178/T4 data178/T40 data178/T41 data178/T42 data178/T5 data178/T6 data178/T8 data207/NEW2U
This list is from Joseph Myers, see.