Large stars

data0/AJL2 data0/ART2 data0/DOOR2 data0/FEZ1 data0/S48P1 data0/S48P1 data0/S48P2 data0/S48P2 data0/S48P3 data0/S48P3 data0/S48P4 data159/P026 data164/PA90 data182/BVIT data183/RAY3 data186/P144 data186/PA90 data190/MOR0607 data190/MOR0815 data190/MOR0825 data190/MOR1237 data194/FEZ1 data194/LEON1 data194/LEON9 data194/MOR2443X data195/FEZ1 data195/N1 data195/N16 data195/N3 data196/EGY1 data196/N3 data196/N4 data196/ZEL1 data201/CAS1 data203/S32A data211/BON52 data212/AJL3 data212/BON51 data214/P139 data216/N1 data217/CO1 data8/PG140 data8/PG268
The class is those tilings with a star polygon with more than 18 points. Tiling with more than about 36 points are difficult to define adequately in a precise mathematical form used for the high-quality graphics available here.