Stars with 16 points with vertex angle not equal to 45°

data0/TOP30 data0/REG1 data0/ALB data0/DOOR1 data0/B134 data9/S44A data15/A285 data162/B57 data168/P065 data168/WAH1 data169/FIG8 data173/B132 data174/EGY0821 data175/EGY1404L data180/IRA1619 data181/V1P98 data182/B152 data188/B153 data188/B153A data194/VA1 data195/B57R data195/TL1 data196/TRA0601 data198/AJL7 data200/SHAF2 data204/TUR2 data208/QIJ data208/E41 data211/BON21 data212/BON107
Very many 16-point stars have an angle of 45°, such as in Escher's Alhambra tiling pattern (see above). The other 16-point stars are listed here.