Regular polygons with more than eight sides

data12/P183 data136/F312 data136/F4612 data145/D346B data145/D346E data145/D4612C data145/D4612D data145/D48B data146/F201 data146/F201 data147/F254N1 data147/F254N2 data147/F254O data147/F254P data147/F4L data147/F96 data153/F207 data162/P073 data178/T19 data178/T21 data178/T35 data178/T38 data186/H3 data195/Q1 data198/VA1 data206/SM28 data206/SM6 data208/AJL2 data209/BON1 data212/BON109 data216/ASU2
The majority of these tiling are regular tiling whose enumeration has been completed. Only three are of Islamic origin.