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By far the most important source of Islamic patterns is the web site Patterns in Islamic Art (PIA), produced by David Wade. The patterns on this web site are linked to David Wade's photo when appropriate. This index gives an alphabetical list of the photos and the corresponding pattern on this web site. Note that David often has several photos of one artifact, but only one is used here.
PIA photo Pattern 
BOU 001Bourgoin, Plate 1, top
BOU 002Bourgoin, Plate 2, bottom figure
BOU 002Bourgoin, Plate 2, top figure
BOU 003Bourgoin, Plate 3
BOU 004Bourgoin, Plate 4
BOU 005Bourgoin, Plate 5
BOU 006Bourgoin, Plate 6
BOU 007Bourgoin, Plate 7
BOU 008Bourgoin, Plate 8
BOU 009Bourgoin, Plate 9
BOU 010Bourgoin, Plate 10
BOU 011Bourgoin, Plate 11
BOU 012Bourgoin, Plate 12
BOU 013Bourgoin, Plate 13
BOU 014Bourgoin, Plate 14
BOU 015Bourgoin, Plate 15 (top)
BOU 016Bourgoin, Plate 16, top left
BOU 017Bourgoin, Plate 17
BOU 018Bourgoin, Plate 18
BOU 019Bourgoin, Plate 19
BOU 020Bourgoin, Plate 20
BOU 021Bourgoin, Plate 21
BOU 022Bourgoin, Plate 22
BOU 023Bourgoin, Plate 23
BOU 025Bourgoin, Plate 25
BOU 027Bourgoin, Plate 27
BOU 028Bourgoin, Plate 28
BOU 029Bourgoin, Plate 29
BOU 030Bourgoin, Plate 30
BOU 031Bourgoin, Plate 31
BOU 032Bourgoin, Plate 32
BOU 033Bourgoin, Plate 33
BOU 034Bourgoin, Plate 34
BOU 035Bourgoin, Plate 35
BOU 036Bourgoin, Plate 36
BOU 039Bourgoin, Plate 39
BOU 041Bourgoin, Plate 41
BOU 042Bourgoin, Plate 42
BOU 044Bourgoin, Plate 44
BOU 045Bourgoin, Plate 45
BOU 046Bourgoin, Plate 46
BOU 047Bourgoin, Plate 47
BOU 048Bourgoin, Plate 48
BOU 050Bourgoin, Plate 50
BOU 051Bourgoin, Plate 51
BOU 052Bourgoin, Plate 52
BOU 053Bourgoin, Plate 53
BOU 054Bourgoin, Plate 54
BOU 055Bourgoin, Plate 55
BOU 056Bourgoin, Plate 56
BOU 057Bourgoin, Plate 57
BOU 058Bourgoin, Plate 58
BOU 059Bourgoin, Plate IX (bottom left), and Plate 59
BOU 060Bourgoin, Plate 60
BOU 061Bourgoin, Plate 61
BOU 062Bourgoin, Plate 62
BOU 063Bourgoin, Plate 63
BOU 064Bourgoin, Plate 64
BOU 065Bourgoin, Plate 65
BOU 066Bourgoin, Plate 66, bottom
BOU 066Bourgoin, Plate 66, top
BOU 067Bourgoin, Plate 67
BOU 068Bourgoin, Plate 68
BOU 069Bourgoin, Plate 69
BOU 070Bourgoin, Plate 70
BOU 071Bourgoin, Plate 71
BOU 072Bourgoin, Plate 72
BOU 073Bourgoin, Plate 73
BOU 074Bourgoin, Plate 74
BOU 075Bourgoin, Plate 75 (corrected)
BOU 076Bourgoin, Plate 76
BOU 077Bourgoin, Plate 77
BOU 078Bourgoin, Plate 78
BOU 080Bourgoin, Plate 80
BOU 081Bourgoin, Plate 81
BOU 082Bourgoin, Plate 82
BOU 083Bourgoin, Plate 83
BOU 084Bourgoin, Plate 84
BOU 085Bourgoin, Plate 85
BOU 086Bourgoin, Plate 86
BOU 087Bourgoin, Plate 87
BOU 088Bourgoin, Plate 88
BOU 089Bourgoin, Plate 89, top
BOU 090Bourgoin, Plate 90, bottom
BOU 090Bourgoin, Plate 90, top
BOU 091Bourgoin, Plate 91
BOU 092Bourgoin, Plate 92
BOU 093Bourgoin, Plate 93
BOU 094Bourgoin, Plate 94
BOU 095Bourgoin, Plate 95
BOU 096Bourgoin, Plate 96
BOU 097Bourgoin, Plate 97
BOU 099Bourgoin, Plate 99
BOU 100Bourgoin, Plate 100
BOU 105Bourgoin, Plate 105
BOU 106Bourgoin, Plate 106
BOU 107Bourgoin, Plate 107
BOU 108Qaytbay mosque
BOU 108Bourgoin, Plate 108
BOU 109Bourgoin, Plate 109
BOU 110Bourgoin, Plate 110
BOU 112Bourgoin, Plate 112
BOU 113Bourgoin, Plate 113
BOU 114Bourgoin, Plate 114
BOU 116Bourgoin, Plate 116, version A
BOU 117Bourgoin, Plate 117
BOU 118Bourgoin, Plate 118, non-standard construction
BOU 118Bourgoin, Plate 118, standard construction
BOU 120Bourgoin, Plate 120
BOU 122Bourgoin, Plate 122
BOU 123Bourgoin, Plate 123
BOU 125Louvre pattern, like Bourgoin, Plate 125
BOU 125Bourgoin, Plate 125
BOU 127Bourgoin, Plate 127
BOU 128Bourgoin, Plate 128
BOU 129Bourgoin, Plate 129
BOU 132Bourgoin, Plate 132
BOU 136Bourgoin, Plate 136
BOU 137Bourgoin, Plate 137
BOU 138Bourgoin, Plate 138
BOU 140Bourgoin, Plate 140
BOU 141Bourgoin, Plate 141
BOU 142Bourgoin, Plate 142
BOU 143Bourgoin, Plate 143
BOU 144Bourgoin, Plate 144
BOU 145Bourgoin, Plate 145
BOU 146Bourgoin, Plate 146
BOU 149Bourgoin, Plate 149 (top)
BOU 149Bourgoin, Plate 149 (bottom)
BOU 151Bourgoin, Plate 151
BOU 152Bourgoin, Plate 152
BOU 153Bourgoin, Plate 153
BOU 158Bourgoin, Plate 158
BOU 164Bourgoin, Plate 164
BOU 165Bourgoin, Plate 165
BOU 166Bourgoin, Plate 166
BOU 167Bourgoin, Plate 167
BOU 168Bourgoin, Plate 168
BOU 169Bourgoin, Plate 169
BOU 170Bourgoin, Plate 170
BOU 171Bourgoin, Plate 171
BOU 172Bourgoin, Plate 172
BOU 173Bourgoin, Plate 173
BOU 174Bourgoin, Plate 174
BOU 175Bourgoin, Plate 175
BOU 176Bourgoin, Plate 176
BOU 177Bourgoin, Plate 177
BOU 178Bourgoin, Plate 178
BOU 179Bourgoin, Plate 179
BOU 180Bourgoin, Plate 180
BOU 182Bourgoin, Plate 182
BOU 183Bourgoin, Plate 183
BOU 184Bourgoin, Plate 184
BOU 185Bourgoin, Plate 185
BOU 186Bourgoin, Plate 186, top
BOU 187Bourgoin, Plate 187 (bottom)
BOU 187Bourgoin, Plate 187 (top)
BOU 188Bourgoin, Plate 188 (top)
BOU 188Bourgoin, Plate 188, bottom
BOU 189Bourgoin, Plate 189
BOU 190Bourgoin, Plate 190
BOU 198Le trait des entrelacs 1879, Plate VIII (main motif)
EGY 0201xMosque of ibn Tulun, Cairo
EGY 0203xBourgoin, Plate 1, top
EGY 0204xAhmad Ibn Tulun Mosque, Cairo
EGY 0206xMosque of ibn Tulun, Cairo
EGY 0221xMosque of ibn Tulun, Cairo
EGY 0226xBourgoin, Plate 17
EGY 0307xMosque of ibn Tulun
EGY 0308xBourgoin, Plate 171
EGY 0334xMosque of ibn Tulun (876-879)
EGY 0418xBourgoin, Plate 16, top left
EGY 0504Bourgoin, Plate 143
EGY 0511Mosque of ibn Tulun
EGY 0512Roman mosaic, Ouzouer-sur-Trezee
EGY 0518Bourgoin, Plate 68
EGY 0520Qal'ah-i-Bist, Afghanistan
EGY 0526Amir Taz Palace, Cairo
EGY 0527Bourgoin, Plate 100
EGY 0608Mosque of Sultan Hassan
EGY 0613Mosque of Sultan Hassan, Cairo
EGY 0631Sultan Shah mosque
EGY 0632Bourgoin, Plate 120
EGY 0709Sultan Hassan mosque, Cairo
EGY 0713Sultan Hassan mosque, Cairo
EGY 0717Mosque of Sultan Hassan
EGY 0724Atabaki courtyard, Qom
EGY 0732Bourgoin, Plate 77
EGY 0805Fatima Khatun
EGY 0809Madrasah Abu Bakr Muzhir
EGY 0810Sabil-Kuttab, Qaytbay, Cairo
EGY 0810Wakala al-Ghuri, Cairo
EGY 0810Sabil-Kuttab, Qaytbay, Cairo
EGY 0810Bourgoin, Plate 179
EGY 0810Sabil-Kuttab, Qaytbay, Cairo
EGY 0818Mosque of Aqsunqur, Cairo
EGY 0818Khayrbak, mosque
EGY 0821Madrasah of Sultan Sha'ban, Cairo
EGY 0831Qaitbay mosque, North facade
EGY 0901Minbar, al-Azhar mosque
EGY 0909Bourgoin, Plate 42
EGY 0923Bourgoin, Plate 188 (top)
EGY 0925Bourgoin, Plate 48
EGY 0930Wikala of al-Ghuri, Cairo
EGY 0932Bourgoin, Plate 179
EGY 0932Wakala al-Ghuri, Cairo
EGY 0933Bourgoin, Plate 164
EGY 0935Bourgoin, Plate 179
EGY 0935Wakala al-Ghuri, Cairo
EGY 0936Minibar of the mosque of Qeycoun
EGY 1005Bourgoin, Plate 117
EGY 1006al-Azhar Mosque, Cairo
EGY 1007Bourgoin, Plate 117
EGY 1008al-Azhar mosque, Cairo
EGY 1011Bourgoin, Plate 117
EGY 1019wikala of Qaytbay, Cairo
EGY 1022Egyptian panel
EGY 1025Bourgoin, Plate 1
EGY 1027Sultan Barsbay Funerary Complex, Cairo
EGY 1029Bourgoin, Plate 166
EGY 1030Sultan Barsbay Funerary Complex
EGY 1032Sultan Barsbay Funerary Complex, Cairo
EGY 1102Sultan Barsbay Funerary Complex, Cairo
EGY 1105Bourgoin, Plate 25
EGY 1109Bourgoin, Plate 48
EGY 1109Qalawun, Cairo
EGY 1109Eski Mosque, Edirne
EGY 1110Madrasah/Bimaristan of Qalawun, Cairo
EGY 1111Alhambra, Mexuar patio
EGY 1115Sultan Shah mosque
EGY 1115Bourgoin, Plate 186, top
EGY 1130Bourgoin, Plate 8
EGY 1208Bourgoin, Plate 72
EGY 1216Mosque of al-Mu'ayyad, Cairo
EGY 1217Bourgoin, Plate 169
EGY 1218Sultan Barsbay Funerary Complex, Cairo
EGY 1221Minbar from Mosque of al-Mu'ayyad, Cairo
EGY 1227'Abd al-Samad Complex
EGY 1234Bourgoin, Plate 132
EGY 1301al-Zahir Mausoleum, lattice window, Cairo, Egypt
EGY 1301Bourgoin, Plate 82
EGY 1301Mosque of Sultan Baybars
EGY 1302al-Zahir Mausoleum, Cairo
EGY 1307Minaret, Mausoleum of Qaytbay
EGY 1319Bourgoin, Plate 134,
EGY 1322Bourgoin, Plate 177
EGY 1325Bourgoin, Plate 127
EGY 1401Bourgoin, Plate 117
EGY 1404Mosque of Qaytbay, Cairo
EGY 1405Bourgoin, Plate 108
EGY 1405Qaytbay mosque
EGY 1407Bourgoin, Plate 110
EGY 1422Palace, Termez
EGY 1423Bourgoin, Plate 14
EGY 1513Great Mosque, Thatta
EGY 1514Bourgoin, Plate 106
EGY 1521Bourgoin, Plate 68
EGY 1527Bourgoin, Plate 94
EGY 1603Bourgoin, Plate 93
EGY 1607Bourgoin, Plate 173
EGY 1607Bourgoin, Plate 94
EGY 1609Bourgoin, Plate 118, standard construction
EGY 1615Bourgoin, Plate 1
EGY 1619Bourgoin, Plate 76
EGY 1620Bourgoin, Plate 82
EGY 1625Bourgoin, Plate 5
EGY 1627Ahmed el-Bordeyny
EGY 1716Bourgoin, Plate 134,
EGY 1718Bourgoin, Plate 110
EGY 1721Bourgoin, Plate 117
EGY 1723Bourgoin, Plate 124
EGY 1728Bourgoin, Plate 182
EGY 1728al-Ghuriyya Complex, Cairo
EPC 013Bourgoin, Plate 5
EPC 014Carpentry in Tunisia
EPC 015Bourgoin, Plate 2, bottom figure
EPC 022Bourgoin, Plate 118, non-standard construction
EPC 023Minibar of the mosque of Qeycoun
EPC 024Sculpted panel at the Prime Minister's Office in Dar-el-Bey, Tunis
EPC 025Bourgoin, Plate 76
EPC 026Bourgoin, Plate 77
EPC 027Bourgoin, Plate 94
EPC 028Bourgoin, Plate 93
EPC 029Prisse d'Avennes, photo 251
EPC 030Bourgoin, Plate 96
EPC 031Bourgoin, Plate 97
EPC 036Red Fort, Delhi
EPC 037Alhambra, Salon de Comares
EPC 038Mosque of Gowhar, Mashhad
EPC 038Tunis, Inlay of marble at the door of the barracks, street Sidi Saber
EPC 039Sakkala, Tetouan
EPC 040Dar el Bey, Tunis, Tunisia
EPC 041Alhambra, Patio de los Leones
EPC 044Tunis, Painted panel
EPC 044Dar el Bay, Office of the Prime Minister
EPC 046Bourgoin, Plate 48
EPC 047The Bardo, Tunis, Sculptured plaster
EPC 049Cairo, Door panel, wood and ivory
EPC 050Toledo: side of copper casket
EPC 051Alhambra, Salon de Comares
EPC 055Damascus: mosaic of mother-of-pearl and ivory
EPC 056Alhambra: wall tile (Sens Museum?)
EPC 060Tunis: Prime Minister's room, Dar el-Bey
EPC 063Three uses in Cairo
EPC 068Tunis: carved plaster - window in the Alaouia Madrasah
EPC 070Tunis: panel in a piece of carved wooden furniture
EPC 071Tomb of Moulay Ishmael, Meknes
EPC 074Tunis: Prime Minister's room, Dar el-Bey
EPC 076Qal'ah-i-Bist, Afghanistan
EPC 077Bourgoin, Plate 187 (top)
EPC 078Three uses in Cairo
EPC 080Syria and Spain
EPC 081Qal'ah-i-Bist, Afghanistan
EPC 084Bourgoin, Plate 164
EPC 085Bourgoin, Plate 167
EPC 088Fatehpur Sikri
EPC 093Tunis: Dar el-Bey
EPC 094Great Mosque, Cordoba
HAN 029Fatehpur Sikri
HAN 029Friday Mosque, Fatehpur Sikri
IND 0103Red Fort, Delhi
IND 0103Alai Darwaza, Delhi
IND 0105Bourgoin, Plate 1, top
IND 0111Bourgoin, Plate 1, top
IND 0120Qutab Mosque, Delhi
IND 0200Humayun's Tomb, Delhi
IND 0200Humayun's Tomb, Delhi
IND 0202Humayun's Tomb, Delhi
IND 0203Humayun's Tomb, Delhi
IND 0207Tash-Havli Palace, Khiva
IND 0208Humayun's Tomb, Delhi
IND 0209Humayun's Tomb, Delhi
IND 0213Humayun's Tomb, Delhi
IND 0215Humayun's Tomb, Delhi
IND 0219Humayun's Tomb, Delhi
IND 0224Qila I Kuhna Mausoleum, Delhi
IND 0230Samarkand, Registan Square
IND 0235Qutab Mosque, Delhi
IND 0311Agra Fort
IND 0312Tillya-Kari Madrasah, Samarkand
IND 0312Agra Fort, Agra
IND 0314Agra Fort
IND 0314Agra Fort
IND 0316Agra Fort
IND 0317Bourgoin, Plate 27
IND 0319Mosque of Gowhar, Mashhad
IND 0321Agra Fort
IND 0326Madrasah Halawiye, Aleppo
IND 0331Shah-i-Zinda, Samarkand
IND 0332'Abd al-Samad Complex
IND 0333Bourgoin, Plate 171
IND 0335Agra Fort
IND 0336Agra Fort
IND 0403Agra Fort
IND 0404Agra Fort
IND 0405Agra Fort
IND 0408Taj Mahal, Agra
IND 0414Mausoleum of l'timad al-Daula, Agra
IND 0414Bourgoin, Plate 2, top figure
IND 0415Itimad-ud-Daula's Tomb
IND 0416Itimad-ud-Daula's Tomb, Agra
IND 0417Friday mosque, Varamin
IND 0417Alhambra, Mexuar patio
IND 0428Itimad-ud-Daula's Tomb
IND 0510Mosque of Gowhar, Mashhad
IND 0511Agra, India
IND 0515Bourgoin, Plate 16, top left
IND 0516Bourgoin, Plate 175
IND 0524Cairo, Zawiyat al-Abbar
IND 0617Tomb of Salim Chisti, Fatehpur Sikri
IND 0617Akbar's mausoleum, Sikandra - Redrawn
IND 0617Akbar's mausoleum, Sikandra
IND 0618Shah-i-Zinda, Samarkand
IND 0634Akbar's mausoleum
IND 0634Akbar's mausoleum
IND 0700Bourgoin, Plate 176
IND 0703Akbar's Tomb, Sikandra
IND 0704Bourgoin, Plate 171
IND 0706Shah-i-Zinda, Samarkand
IND 0706Tillya-Kari Madrasah, Samarkand
IND 0708Bourgoin, Plate 67
IND 0711Bourgoin, Plate 176
IND 0720Fatehpur Sikri
IND 0720Friday Mosque, Fatehpur Sikri
IND 0721Fatehpur Sikri, Friday Mosque
IND 0724Fatehpur Sikri
IND 0724Friday Mosque, Fatehpur Sikri
IND 0805Fatepur Sikri
IND 0806Agra Fort
IND 0809Agra Fort
IND 0809Fatehpur Sikri, Salim Chishti's tomb
IND 0812Fatehpur Sikri
IND 0817Fatehpur Sikri
IND 0818Fatepur Sikri
IND 0820Jali screen
IND 0820Fatehpur Sikri
IND 0820Jali screen, Mughal
IND 0821Agra Fort
IND 0821Agra Fort
IND 0822Humayun's Tomb, Delhi
IND 0824Tomb of Salim Chisti, Fatehpur Sikri
IND 0824Akbar's mausoleum, Sikandra
IND 0827Tomb of Salim Chisti, Fatehpur Sikri
IND 0830Tomb of Salim Chisti, Fatehpur Sikri
IND 0830Akbar's mausoleum, Sikandra
IND 0831Akbar's mausoleum
IND 0904Fatehpur Sikri
IND 0914Amber Palace, Amber (Jaipur), India
IND 0917Amber Palace, Jaipur
IND 0919Agra, India
IND 1005Bourgoin, Plate 16, top left
IND 1005Maharajah's Palace, Jaipur
IND 1006Agra Fort
IND 1009Maharajah's Palace, Jaipur
IND 1012Maharajah's Palace, Jaipur
IND 1016Maharajah's Palace, Jaipur
IND 1019Agra Fort
IRA 0212Royal Mosque, Isfahan
IRA 0327Ali Qoli Aqa mosque, Isfahan
IRA 0501Royal Mosque, Isfahan
IRA 0517Ali Qoli Aqa mosque, Isfahan
IRA 0527Friday mosque, Isfahan
IRA 0527Bourgoin, Plate 175
IRA 0527Friday mosque, Isfahan
IRA 0532Friday mosque, Isfahan
IRA 0601Friday mosque, Isfahan
IRA 0601Friday mosque, Isfahan
IRA 0601Necipoglu, page 36, Figure 62
IRA 0606Friday mosque, Isfahan
IRA 0611Cairo, Zawiyat al-Abbar
IRA 0618Friday mosque, Isfahan
IRA 0625Friday mosque, Isfahan
IRA 0629Tash-Havli Palace, Khiva
IRA 0633Friday mosque, Isfahan
IRA 0636Bourgoin, Plate 118, non-standard construction
IRA 0636Bourgoin, Plate 118, standard construction
IRA 0718Royal Mosque, Isfahan
IRA 0718Royal Mosque, Isfahan
IRA 0718Royal Mosque, Isfahan
IRA 0719The principle iwan of the Friday mosque in Isfahan
IRA 0721Friday mosque, Isfahan
IRA 0729Friday mosque, Isfahan
IRA 0825Palace, Termez
IRA 0827Ali Qoli Aqa mosque, Isfahan
IRA 0830Mosque of Gowhar, Mashhad
IRA 0832Atabaki courtyard, Qom
IRA 0837Darb-i Imam
IRA 0903Necipoglu, page 36, Figure 62
IRA 0907Darbi-i Imam, Isfahan
IRA 0907Imamzeda Darbi Islam, Isfahan
IRA 0907Imamzeda Darbi Islam, Isfahan
IRA 0911Darb-i Imam, Isfahan
IRA 0912Isfahan - The Imam Gate
IRA 0921Royal Mosque, Isfahan
IRA 1002Mausoleum of l'timad al-Daula, Agra
IRA 1005Bourgoin, Plate 67
IRA 1021Hakim mosque, Isafahan
IRA 1100Tillya-Kari Madrasah, Samarkand
IRA 1116Charbagh Madrasah
IRA 1117Madrasah-yi-Madar-i-e-Shah, Isfahan
IRA 1118Charbagh Madrasah
IRA 1125Madrasah-yi-Madar-i-e-Shah, Isfahan
IRA 1129Bourgoin, Plate 175
IRA 1133Madrasah-yi-Madar-i-e-Shah, Isfahan
IRA 1135Window grill, Shahr-e Kord, Iran
IRA 1210Atabaki courtyard, Qom
IRA 1305Bourgoin, Plate 42
IRA 1329Masjid-e Ali, Isfahan
IRA 1329Masjid-e Ali, Isfahan
IRA 1330Masjid-e Ali, Isfahan
IRA 1333Masjid-e Ali, Isfahan
IRA 1520Ali Qapu, Isfahan
IRA 1526Masjid-e Seyyed
IRA 1529Masjid-e-Sayyed, Isfahan
IRA 1531Atabaki courtyard, Qom
IRA 1612Atabaki courtyard, Qom
IRA 1617Masjid-e-Sayyed, Isfahan
IRA 1617Masjid-e-Sayyed, Isfahan
IRA 1619Wooden lattice, Masjid-e-Sayyed, Isfahan
IRA 1705Friday mosque, Varamin
IRA 1833Friday mosque, Yazd
IRA 1834Friday mosque, Yazd
IRA 1907Friday mosque, Yazd
IRA 1922Friday mosque, Yazd
IRA 2004Mir Chaqmaq mosque, Yazd
IRA 2004Mir Chaqmaq mosque, Yazd
IRA 2206Bourgoin, Plate 176
IRA 2210Friday mosque, Kerman
IRA 2214Bourgoin, Plate 175
IRA 2320Madrasah Halawiye, Aleppo
IRA 2418Bourgoin, Plate 171
IRA 2420Imam Mosque, Kerman
IRA 2503Bourgoin, Plate 176
IRA 2607Mausoleum of Sultan Oljeitu, Sultaniyeh
IRA 2607Mausoleum of Sultan Oljeitu, Sultaniyeh
IRA 2607Mausoleum of Sultan Oljeitu, Sultaniyeh
IRA 2610Mausoleum of Uljaytu
IRA 2610Oljaito's mausoleum
IRA 2622Oljaito's mausoleum, Sultaniyeh
IRA 2630Oljaito's mausoleum, Sultaniyeh
IRA 2631Bourgoin, Plate 67
IRA 2633Oljaito's mausoleum, Sultaniyeh
IRA 2637Bourgoin, Plate 48
IRA 2727Royal Mosque, Qazvin
IRA 2815Bourgoin, Plate 16, top left
IRA 2924Friday mosque, Varamin
IRA 3025Imamzeda, Qom
IRA 3031Fatima's Haram, Qom
IRA 3032Fatima's Haram, Qom
IRA 3035Atabaki courtyard, Qom
IRA 3037Fatima's Haram, Qom
IRA 3100Fatima's Haram, Qom
JAI 1032Haveli (merchants' houses), Jaiselmere
JAI 1032Haveli (merchants' houses), Jaiselmere, India
JAI 1033Mosque of Gowhar, Mashhad
JAI 1213Konya, Turkey
JAI 1230Bourgoin, Plate 16, top left
JON 013Alhambra, Salon de Comares
JON 014Alhambra, Salon de Comares
JON 015Alhambra, Sala de la Barca
LOU 008Louvre pattern, like Bourgoin, Plate 125
LOU 011Sultan Barsbay Funerary Complex
LOU 018The Louvre
LOU 029Sultan Shah mosque
LOU 029Bourgoin, Plate 186, top
LOU 029Bourgoin, Plate 179
LOU 062Spanish tile, Louvre
LOU 065Vol1, page 57
LOU 067Bourgoin, Plate 69
LOU 069Louvre pattern, like Bourgoin, Plate 125
LOU 077Bourgoin, Plate 128
LOU 083Kok Gumbaz Mosque and Dorut Tilyovat (Dorut Tilavat) Complex
LOU 083Bourgoin, Plate 179
LOU 083Wakala al-Ghuri, Cairo
LOU 094Fritware from Fathbad, Uzbekistan, Central Asia
MA 001Mirza Akber, sheet 22
MA 009Mirza Akber, Sheet 31
MA 012Akber, V&A freehand sketch
MA 026Mirza Akber, Sheet 44b
MA 026Mirza Akber, Sheet 44a
MA 041Mirza Akber, Leather Roll(1)
MA 043Mirza Akber, Leather Roll(3)
MA 044Shir Dar madrasah, Samarkand
MA 046Charbagh Madrasah, Isfahan
MA 047Bourgoin, Plate 118, non-standard construction
MA 048Mirza Akber, Sheet 54a
MA 053Fatima's Haram, Qom
MIK 014Granada in Sicily
MIK 035Bourgoin, Plate 174
MOR 0202Bou Inania Madrasah, Fez, Morocco
MOR 0203Bou Inania Madrasah
MOR 0206Bou Inania Madrasah, Fez, Morocco
MOR 0208Bou Inania Madrasah, Fez
MOR 0219Bou Inania Madrasah, Fez, Morocco
MOR 0228Tomb of Moulay Ishmael, Meknes
MOR 0232Bourgoin, Plate 91
MOR 0307Attarine Madrasah, Fez, Morocco
MOR 0312Attarine Madrasah, Fez, Morocco
MOR 0316Bourgoin, Plate 58
MOR 0321Attarine Madrasah, Fez, Morocco
MOR 0322Seville tile, V and A
MOR 0323Attarine Madrasah, Fez, Morocco
MOR 0324Attarine Madrasah, Fez, Morocco
MOR 0325Alcazar, Seville
MOR 0327Attarine Madrasah, Fez, Morocco
MOR 0328Attarine Madrasah, Fez, Morocco
MOR 0329Moulay Idriss Zaouia, Fez
MOR 0330Moulay Ishmael Mosque, Fez, Morocco
MOR 0331Moulay Ishmael Mosque, Fez, Morocco
MOR 0405Sefferine Madrasah, Fez, Morocco
MOR 0406Sefferine Madrasah, Fez, Morocco
MOR 0408Sefferine Madrasah, Fez
MOR 0410Sefferine Madrasah, Fez, Morocco
MOR 0411Fez, Morocco
MOR 0421Attarine Madrasah, Fez, Morocco
MOR 0421Fez, Morocco
MOR 0422Royal Palace Throne Room, Fes
MOR 0424Tiling at Fez, Morocco
MOR 0425Great Mosque, Cordoba
MOR 0427Tiling at Fez, Morocco
MOR 0428Fez, Morocco
MOR 0501Fez, Morocco
MOR 0503Fez, Morocco
MOR 0511Fez, Morocco
MOR 0517Fez, Morocco
MOR 0518Tiling at Fez, Morocco
MOR 0519Fez, Morocco
MOR 0601Fez, Morocco
MOR 0606Moulay Ishmael Mosque, Fez, Morocco
MOR 0607Fez, Morocco
MOR 0609Moulay Ishmael Mosque, Fez, Morocco
MOR 0616Moulay Idriss Zaouia, Fez
MOR 0617Moulay Ishmael Mosque, Fez, Morocco
MOR 0620Fes medina
MOR 0620Moulay Ishmael Mosque, Fez, Morocco
MOR 0704Moulay Ishmael Mosque, Fez
MOR 0705Fez, Morocco
MOR 0707Moulay Ishmael Mosque, Fez
MOR 0710Morocco
MOR 0711Alhambra, Baño Real
MOR 0719Fez, Morocco
MOR 0801Dar el Qima, Royal Palace, Fez
MOR 0801Attarine Madrasah, Fez, Morocco
MOR 0803Tomb of Moulay Ishmael, Meknes
MOR 0805Bahia Palace, Marrakesh
MOR 0806Alhambra, Salon de Comares
MOR 0808Tomb of Moulay Ishmael, Meknes
MOR 0813Bahia Palace, Marrakesh
MOR 0814Tomb of Moulay Ishmael, Meknes
MOR 0814Tomb of Moulay Ishmael, Meknes
MOR 0815Tomb of Moulay Ishmael, Meknes
MOR 0824Alhambra, Salon de Comares
MOR 0825Tomb of Moulay Ishmael, Meknes
MOR 0833Tomb of Moulay Ishmael, Meknes
MOR 0837Fez, Morocco
MOR 0901Bou Inania Madrasah, Meknes
MOR 0906Bou Inania Madrasah, Meknes
MOR 0906Bou Inania Madrasah, Meknes
MOR 0909Bou Inania Madrasah, Meknes
MOR 0910Bou Inania Madrasah, Meknes
MOR 0911Tomb of Moulay Ishmael, Meknes
MOR 0912Zaytuna Mosque, Meknes
MOR 0913Bou Inania Madrasah, Meknes
MOR 1014Mausoleum of Moulay Ishmael, Sale in Morocco
MOR 1016Mausoleum of Moulay Ishmael
MOR 1118Mosque, Rabat
MOR 1137Rabat
MOR 1201Zellij dado, Sa'di tombes, Marrakesh
MOR 1205Saadian Tombs, Marrakech
MOR 1209Attarine Madrasah, Fez, Morocco
MOR 1213Bahia Palace, Marrakesh
MOR 1214Bahia Palace, Marrakesh
MOR 1215Bahia Palace, Marrakesh
MOR 1216Bahia Palace, Marrakesh
MOR 1218Bahia Palace, Marrakesh
MOR 1219Palace of the Bahia, Marrakesh
MOR 1219Palace of the Bahia
MOR 1220Moulay Ishmael Mosque, Fez
MOR 1225Royal Palace, Meknes
MOR 1227Attarine Madrasah, Fez, Morocco
MOR 1232Fountain outside Muhammad V Mausoleum, Rabat
MOR 1236Grebs Frieze, Ben Youssef Madrasah
MOR 1237Ben Youssef Madrasah, Marrakesh
MOR 1502Moulay Hafid Palace, Tangier
MOR 1503Seville
MOR 1505Sultan's Palace, Tangier
MOR 2404xBou Inania Madrasah, Meknes
MOR 2405xAlhambra, Salon de Comares
MOR 2409xBou Inania Madrasah, Meknes
MOR 2410xBou Inania Madrasah, Meknes
MOR 2411xBou Inania Madrasah, Meknes
MOR 2411xBou Inania Madrasah, Meknes
MOR 2416xBou Inania Madrasah, Meknes
MOR 2428xAlhambra, Salon de Comares
MOR 2429xTomb of Moulay Ishmael, Meknes
MOR 2430xTomb of Moulay Ishmael, Meknes
MOR 2432xTomb of Moulay Ishmael, Meknes
MOR 2442xMoulay Ismail mausoleum
MOR 2443xTomb of Moulay Ishmael, Meknes
MOR 2602xSakkala, Tetouan
MOR 2615xSakkala, Tetouan
MOR 2616xSakkala, Tetouan
MOR 2635xA Mudejar ceiling in the Real Alcazar
MOR 2639xReal Alcazar, ceiling
MOR 2640xAlcazar: Salon de Embajadores
MOR 2801xSakkala, Tetouan
MOR 2804xSakkala, Tetouan
MOR 2806xSakkala, Tetouan
MOR 2810xGeneralife and Alhambra
MOR 2810xSakkala, Tetouan
MOR 2811xSakkala, Tetouan (carpet)
MOR 2816xToledo tile, V& A
MOR 2829xBou Inania Madrasah, Fez
MOR 2832xBou Inania Madrasah, Fez, Morocco
MOR 2834xBou Inania Madrasah, Fez, Morocco
MOR 2840xAlhambra, Salon de Comares
MOR 2841xBou Inania Madrasah, Fez, Morocco
MOR 3604xAlcazar, Patio de las Doncellas
MOR 3630xReales Alcazares, Seville
MOR 3632xBou Inania Madrasah, Meknes
MOR 3633xAlcazar Real, Patio de las Doncellas
PIA 020Wade, page 20 (4)
PIA 023Itimad-ud-Daula's Tomb, Agra
PIA 023Wade, page 23 (4)
PIA 028Wade, page 28 (d)
PIA 029Wade, page 29 (a)
PIA 032Wade, page 32
PIA 033Bourgoin, Plate 18
PIA 034Shah-i-Zinda, Samarkand
PIA 038Paccard, Volume 1, page 189
PIA 040Tiling
PIA 043Citadel at Aleppo, Syria
PIA 045Wade, page 45
PIA 046Wade, page 46
PIA 049Wade, page 49
PIA 060Alhambra, Sala de los Reyes
PIA 064V & A Toledo tile
PIA 079Reales Alcazares de Sevilla, Salon de Embajadores
PIA 080Khatem Sulemani
PIA 081Bourgoin, Plate 1
PIA 081Wade, page 81 (c)
PIA 081Wade, page 81 (b)
PIA 083Wall mosaic, Kairouan, Tunisia
PIA 087Konya
PIA 092Wade, page 92
PIA 093Ceramic tile
PIA 099Wade, page 99
PIA 104V & A Toledo tile
PIA 135Uzgend, south mausoleum
SIC 031Basilica of St Francesco, Assisi
SIC 043Monreale Cathedral, Palermo, Italy
SIM 012Maghak-i 'Attari mosque, Bukhara
SPA 0107Alhambra, Fachada Solemne
SPA 0107Alhambra, Fachada Solemne
SPA 0108Alhambra, Patio de los Arrayanes
SPA 0111Alhambra, Patio de los Arrayanes
SPA 0116Alhambra, Patio de los Arrayanes
SPA 0117Alhambra, Salon de Comares
SPA 0118Alhambra, Salon de Comares
SPA 0202Alhambra, Salon de Comares
SPA 0203Alhambra, Salon de Comares
SPA 0204Alhambra, Salon de Comares
SPA 0205Alhambra, Salon de Comares
SPA 0206Charbagh Madrasah, Isfahan
SPA 0207Alhambra, Patio de los Arrayanes
SPA 0214Alhambra, Patio de los Arrayanes
SPA 0217Alhambra, Sala de la Barca
SPA 0218Alhambra, Patio de los Leones
SPA 0301Sefferine Madrasah, Fez, Morocco
SPA 0305Generalife, Granada
SPA 0307Derived from north pavilion of the Generalife
SPA 0307Derived from north pavilion of the Generalife
SPA 0315Alhambra, Salon de Comares
SPA 0405xAlhambra, Sala de los Reyes
SPA 0408xAlhambra, Sala de los Reyes
SPA 0414xAlhambra, smaller room in the upper storey of El Partal
SPA 0415xAlhambra, Patio de los Leones
SPA 0417xAlhambra, Leones patio
SPA 0424xAlhambra, Patio de los Leones
SPA 0426xAlhambra, Patio de los Leones
SPA 0429xAlhambra, Patio de los Leones
SPA 0434xAlhambra, Patio de los Leones
SPA 0508xAlhambra, Patio de los Leones
SPA 0514xAlhambra, Patio de los Leones
SPA 0519xAlhambra, Baño Real
SPA 0522xAlhambra, Patio de los Arrayanes
SPA 0524xAlhambra, Patio de los Arrayanes
SPA 0527xAlcazar, Seville
SPA 0536xAlhambra, Sala de las Dos Hermanas
SPA 0606Alhambra, Torre de las Infantas
SPA 0610Alhambra, Torre de la Cautiva
SPA 0615Alhambra, Torre de la Cautiva
SPA 0710Alhambra, Torre de la Cautiva
SPA 0712Alhambra, Salon de Comares
SPA 0714Alhambra, Torre de la Cautiva
SPA 0719Alhambra, Torre de las Damas
SPA 0807Alhambra, Partal
SPA 0810Alhambra, Torre de las Damas
SPA 0900xBourgoin, Plate 7
SPA 0929xAlhambra, Sala del Mexuar
SPA 0929xAlhambra, Sala del Mexuar
SPA 0934xAlhambra, Salón de Comares
SPA 0935xAlhambra, Cuarto Dorado
SPA 1008Alhambra, Mirador de Lindaraja
SPA 1009Bourgoin, Plate 42
SPA 1013Alhambra, Mirador de Lindaraja
SPA 1209Alhambra, Sala de las dos Hermanas
SPA 1303Alhambra, Salon de Comares
SPA 1307Alhambra, Salon de Comares
SPA 1321Alhambra, Salon de Comares
SPA 1412Alhambra, Salon de Comares
SPA 1413Alhambra, Salon de Comares
SPA 1416Alhambra, Salon de Comares
SPA 1419Alhambra, Sala del Mexuar
SPA 1419Alhambra, Sala del Mexuar
SPA 1606xAlhambra, Patio de los Arrayanes
SPA 1621xAlhambra, Sala de la Barca
SPA 1622xAlhambra, Sala de la Barca
SPA 1624xAlhambra, Sala de la Barca
SPA 1641xAlhambra, Baño Real
SPA 1700xAlhambra, Oratorio del Mexuar
SPA 1718xAlhambra, Salón de Comares
SPA 1722xAlhambra, Salon de Comares
SPA 1735xAlhambra, Mexuar Patio
SPA 1803Alhambra, Sala de las Dos Hermanas
SPA 1813Mirador de Lindaraja. Alhambra
SPA 1821Alhambra, Mirador de Lindaraja
SPA 1902Bourgoin, Plate 42
SPA 1906Alhambra, Sala de los Reyes
SPA 1908Alhambra, Sala de los Reyes
SPA 1914Alhambra, Mexuar patio
SPA 1917Alhambra, Sala del Mexuar
SPA 1919Alhambra, Sala del Mexuar
SPA 1919Alhambra, Sala del Mexuar
SPA 2005xGreat Mosque, Cordova
SPA 2008x6-omino, order 4, [4 by 6]
SPA 2010xGreat Mosque, Cordova
SPA 2015xGreat Mosque, Cordova
SPA 2017xTiling on figure 2.5.4 (f) on page 85
SPA 2021xWindow shutter, Cordoba Cathedral
SPA 2103xSynagogue, Cordova
SPA 2109xBourgoin, Plate 58
SPA 2120xdAlhambra, Salon de Comares
SPA 2122xAlcazar, Seville
SPA 2200Reales Alcazares, Seville
SPA 2205Alcazar, Patio de las Doncellas
SPA 2206Alcazar
SPA 2211Alcazar, Seville
SPA 2215Alcazar, Seville
SPA 2217Alcazar, Seville
SPA 2219Alcazar of Seville, Hall of the Ambassors
SPA 2303Bourgoin, Plate 18
SPA 2307Reales Alcazares de Sevilla, Salon de Embajadores
SPA 2309Alcazar, Seville
SPA 2311Alcazar, Seville
SPA 2314Alcazar, Patio de las Doncellas
SPA 2315Bourgoin, Plate 58
SPA 2318Alhambra, Sala de los Reyes
SPA 2319Alcazar of Seville, Hall of the Ambassors
SPA 2504Reales Alcazares, Seville
SPA 2505Royal Palace Museum, Fez, Morocco
SPA 2506Patio de las Doncellas, Reales Alcazares de Sevilla
SPA 2508Seville, Mosaic of the large Court
SPA 2707Bourgoin, Plate 18
SPA 2713Alcazar, Seville
SPA 2715Alcazar, Seville
SPA 2721Alcazar, Cuarto del Principe
SPA 2803Alhambra, Patio de los Leones
SPA 2816Alhambra, Salon de Comares
SPA 2835Alhambra, Patio de los Arrayanes
SPA 2929Synagogue, Toledo
SPA 3010Alcazabar, Malaga
SPA 3014Reales Alcazares, Seville
SYR 0123Bourgoin, Plate 93
SYR 0125Bourgoin, Plate 29
SYR 0126Bourgoin, Plate 171
SYR 0127Great Mosque, Damascus
SYR 0129Bourgoin, Plate 93
SYR 0130Great Mosque, Damascus
SYR 0202Great Mosque, Damascus
SYR 0207Bourgoin, Plate 69
SYR 0212Bourgoin, Plate 7
SYR 0222Ibn al-Arabi Mausoleum, Damascus
SYR 0237Madrasah Sabringe, Damascus
SYR 0306Madrasah Sabringe, Damascus
SYR 0332Bourgoin, Plate 1, top
SYR 0411Tillya-Kari Madrasah, Samarkand
SYR 0426Altun Bogha Mosque, Aleppo
SYR 0428Bourgoin, Plate 18
SYR 0502Bourgoin, Plate 48
SYR 0504Bourgoin, Plate 77
SYR 0505Bourgoin, Plate 48
SYR 0510Wooden grille, Great Mosque, Aleppo
SYR 0516Tillya-Kari Madrasah, Samarkand
SYR 0517Based on Great Mosque, Aleppo
SYR 0517Based on Great Mosque, Aleppo
SYR 0605Madrasah Halawiye, Aleppo
SYR 0611Madrasah Halawiye, Aleppo
SYR 0617Mihrab, Madrasah Halawiye, Aleppo
SYR 0620Minibar of the mosque of Qeycoun
SYR 0621Bourgoin, Plate 185
SYR 0700Bourgoin, Plate 174
SYR 0704Bourgoin, Plate 77
SYR 0719Tillya-Kari Madrasah, Samarkand
SYR 0722Bourgoin, Plate 185
SYR 0728Azbak al-Yusufi
TRA 0107Gur-e Amir Mausoleum, Samarkand
TRA 0121Atabaki courtyard, Qom
TRA 0122Gur-e Amir, Mausoleum, Samarkand
TRA 0127Gur-e Amir Mausoleum, Samarkand
TRA 0129Roman mosaic, Carthage
TRA 0133Bourgoin, Plate 1, top
TRA 0201Shah-i-Zinda, Samarkand
TRA 0205Bourgoin, Plate 171
TRA 0211Bourgoin, Plate 175
TRA 0213Shah-i-Zinda, Samarkand
TRA 0214Tuman Aka mausoleum
TRA 0215Tuman Aka mausoleum
TRA 0219Shah-i-Zinda, Samarkand
TRA 0221Shah-i-Zinda, Samarkand
TRA 0229Amar Singh Gate, Red Fort
TRA 0301Shah-i-Zinda, Samarkand
TRA 0303Mosque of ibn Tulun (876-879)
TRA 0305Bibi-Khanym, Samarkand
TRA 0307Bibi-Khanym, Samarkand
TRA 0308Shiraz - Qavam Hosseiniyeh
TRA 0310Bibi-Khanym, Samarkand
TRA 0311Bibi-Khanym, Samarkand
TRA 0330Charbagh Madrasah, Isfahan
TRA 0332Green mosque, Iznik
TRA 0334Shirdar Madrasah (Registan complex)
TRA 0335Samarkand Registan Square
TRA 0402Bourgoin, Plate 67
TRA 0408Ulugh Beg madrasah in Registan Square
TRA 0409Shir Dar madrasah, Samarkand
TRA 0411Samarkand Registan Square
TRA 0415Samarkand, Registan Square
TRA 0416Mashhad, (ex-) Shah mosque
TRA 0417Samarkand Registan Square
TRA 0428Afghanistan - the shrine at Mazar-e Sharif
TRA 0501Roman mosaic, Thuburbo Majus
TRA 0502Tillya-Kari Madrasah, Samarkand
TRA 0503Tillya-Kari Madrasah (Registan complex)
TRA 0506Mausoleum of l'timad al-Daula, Agra
TRA 0507Tillya-Kari Madrasah (Registan complex)
TRA 0518Shir Dar madrasah
TRA 0601Shir Dar madrasah, Samarkand
TRA 0706Bourgoin, Plate 175
TRA 0718Tillya-Kari Madrasah (Registan complex)
TRA 0821Bourgoin, Plate 175
TRA 0823Bourgoin, Plate 176
TRA 0910Bourgoin, Plate 175
TRA 0913Maghak-i 'Attari mosque, Bukhara
TRA 0916Shah-i-Zinda, Samarkand
TRA 1020Nadir Divan Khahaka, Central Asia
TRA 1106'Abd al-Samad Complex
TRA 1108Bukhara
TRA 1130'Abd al-Samad Complex
TRA 1208Roman mosaic, Carthage
TRA 1210Madrasah in Bukhara
TS 012Topkapi Scroll, page 300, Figure 28
TS 012Topaki Scroll, page 300, Figure 28
TS 013Topkapi scroll figure 30,
TS 017Topaki Scroll, page 305, Figure 33
TS 019Topkapi Scroll, page 306, Figure 38
TS 019Topaki Scroll, page 306, Figure 38
TS 021Topkapi Scroll, page 308, Figure 41
TS 022Topkapi scroll figure 42,
TS 026Topkapi Scroll, page 313, Figure 50
TS 030Topkapi Scroll, page 317, Figure 56
TS 031Topkapi Scroll, page 318, Figure 58
TS 033Topkapi Scroll, page 318, Figure 61
TS 034Topkapi Scroll, page 321, Figure 63
TS 035Topkapi Scroll, page 322, Figure 64
TS 037Courtyard of Mustansiriyya Madrasa, Baghdad
TS 037Minaret, Irbil
TS 038Ali design M
TS 039Topkapi Scroll, page 300, Figure 28
TS 050Ali design L
TUR 0101Bourgoin, Plate 17
TUR 0102Selimiye Mosque, Edirne
TUR 0102Selimye Mosque, Edirne
TUR 0105Bourgoin, Plate 27
TUR 0106Bourgoin, Plate 186, top
TUR 0108Selimiye Mosque, Edirne
TUR 0118Bourgoin, Plate 16, top left
TUR 0119Bourgoin, Plate 27
TUR 0121Eski Mosque, Edirne
TUR 0124Eski Mosque, Edirne
TUR 0125Eski Mosque, Edirne
TUR 0126Eski Mosque, Edirne
TUR 0127Alai Darwaza, Delhi
TUR 0128Bourgoin, Plate 76
TUR 0129Eski Mosque, Edirne
TUR 0130Bourgoin, Plate 174
TUR 0132Mosque of ibn Tulun (876-879)
TUR 0133Eski Mosque, Edirne
TUR 0207Eski Mosque, Edirne
TUR 0210Topkapi Saray, Istanbul
TUR 0212Topkapi Saray, Istanbul
TUR 0214Iznik, Mahmud Celebi Mosque
TUR 0215Green Mosque, Iznik
TUR 0216Green Mosque, Iznik
TUR 0218Shiraz mosque, winter prayer hall, stained glass window
TUR 0309Karatay Madrasah, Turkey
TUR 0318Friday mosque, Isfahan
TUR 0334Sahip Ata, Konya
TUR 0509Bourgoin, Plate 176
TUR 0510Great Mosque, Cordoba
TUR 0526Sari Han, Akseray-Kayseri
TUR 0534Agzikara Han
TUR 0536Mosque of ibn Tulun, Cairo
TUR 0601Alay Han, Aksaray
TUR 0608Alay Han, Turkey
TUR 0622Avamos, Sari Han
TUR 0622Bourgoin, Plate 23
TUR 0626Bourgoin, Plate 64
TUR 0632Sari Han, Akseray-Kayseri road
TUR 0727Bourgoin, Plate 174
TUR 0728Hatuniye complex, Kayseri
TUR 0731Bourgoin, Plate 179
TUR 0731Wakala al-Ghuri, Cairo
TUR 0732Hatuniye complex, Kayseri
TUR 0809Doner Khatum, Kayseri
TUR 0826Bourgoin, Plate 48
TUR 0829Mosque of Sunghur Bey, Nigde
TUR 0902Bourgoin, Plate 51
TUR 0902Alhambra, Oratorio del Partal
TUR 0905Palace, Termez
TUR 0913Bourgoin, Plate 120
TUR 0915Egirdir Han
TUR 0921Karatay Han
TUR 0932Egridir
TUR 1002Susuz Han, Isparta-Antalya road
TUR 1012Susuz Han, Isparta-Antalya road
TUR 1012Susuz Han, Isparta-Antalya road
TUR 1114Bourgoin, Plate 16, top left
TUR 1116Ali Qapu, Isfahan
TUR 1120Mausoleum of Shehzade Mehmet, Istanbul
TUR 1130Agra Fort
VA 035Bourgoin, Plate 66, top
VA 044India
VA 050India
VA 052Jali screen, Agra, India
VA 054Bourgoin, Plate 187 (top)
VA 057Sultan Shah mosque
VA 060Sultan Shah mosque
VA 065Sultan Shah mosque, Cairo, Egypt
VA 072Bukhara, Central Asia
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